Master Series for Mac - Master 3, Anywhere 3, Keys & Keys Mini

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Power of MX. Optimized FOR MAC

MX Master 3 for Mac, MX Anywhere 3 for Mac, MX Keys for Mac and MX Keys Mini for Mac fit seamlessly into macOS and iPadOS ecosystems and creative workflows.

Finished in Space Gray and Pale Gray, you’ll get even more out of your Mac with the advanced functionality of MX – from countless customizations and dynamic backlighting to MagSpeed scrolling and Flow cross-computer control.

Woman using Logitech products in front of a Mac computer

Designed for creatives

MX is built for every step of the creative process - from customizations that keep you in a flow, to integrated software that makes cross-computer work seamless.

Hand of woman using MX Anywhere 3 mouse

Performance and style

Get the remarkable precision and performance of MX with Space Gray and Pale Gray aesthetics – a perfect fit with your iMac, MacBook, and iPad.

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Pixel-perfect precision

MX Master 3 for Mac and MX Anywhere 3 for Mac are over 80% faster and more precise than a basic mouseCompared to regular Logitech mouse and the Perfect Stroke keys on MX Keys are ultra-responsive and accurate.

Woman using iPad with MX Anywhere 3


MX Anywhere 3 is designed for mobile work – from the home office, to the cafe, to the airport lounge.

The compact performance mouse features a low-profile design contoured for the shape of your hand – with a durable build that’s made to withstand the bumps and drops of mobile work.

CES 2020
IF Design Award 2020