Quick Tips and Exercises to Relax Your Neck

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Got a stiff neck? Let us guess—you’re working long hours at a computer? The good news is, you can do something about it. (And we promise: it’s quick and easy!)

We asked Grace Szeto, PhD, Professor, Physiotherapy at the Tung Wah College (Hong Kong) and Member of the Logi Ergo Lab Advisory Board to share her favorite exercises for neck tension relief.

Ready? Let’s go.

To feel the stretch, do the following exercises slowly and repeat them 3-5 times:

Step #1
Stretch your neck by moving your head slowly in all directions. As you do this, keep the shoulders relaxed and the chin aligned to the trunk (avoid poking chin).

  • Look up and down
  • Bend your neck side to side
  • Turn your head left and then right. Go as far as you can on each side and stay there for 5 seconds each. Tight neck muscles won’t stand a chance!


Step #2
Make circles with your shoulders going backwards and downwards.

Step #3
Give your arms a nice stretch across the chest, towards the ceiling, and backwards.

Step #4
Finally, get up and walk around to help relax the muscles in the whole spine.

See, that was easy! However, if you regularly have tight neck muscles, maybe it’s time to think about your workspace ergonomics. An ergonomic keyboard could be a quick solution to ease discomfort. The ERGO K860 will help reduce muscle activity by 21% in the upper trapezius muscleCompared to a traditional Logitech keyboard without palm rest—a key muscle in the center of the back that stabilizes and facilitates shoulder and neck movement. Browse the Ergo Series for more inspiration to improve your workspace and posture.

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