Article: 5 Tips to Make Hybrid Meetings Frictionless

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Meeting with video conferencing equipment

One in three employees worldwideLogitech UK Work Wins Research 2021 request better equipment for video conferencing. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your office space to enable immersive, efficient hybrid collaboration. But knowing precisely how to do this can be a puzzle, with so many individual preferences amongst staff to consider and cater to. 

Logitech Room Solutions were designed to eliminate these issues, making the hybrid video conferencing experience seamless, simple and secure. Here are our top five tips for making the most of your set-up:

Standardize strategy with platform integration

With so many video conferencing platforms to choose from and different teams across your business favoring different ones, setting up a meeting can become complicated for those who don’t know what they’re doing.

Logitech can standardize your business’s video conferencing strategy, reducing the amount of troubleshooting required and minimizing the time it takes for employees to join or start a call. With pre-configured packages aligned with your chosen provider – whether that’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or something else entirely – integrations and certifications are already established, ensuring that your new video conferencing solutions will always work in harmony with your video meeting provider.

The Logitech Collaboration Program makes meetings easier - learn more.

Choose how you want to connect and control the meeting

With 57% of employees surveyed reported feeling anxious about being around people upon returning to the officeLogitech UK Work Wins Research 2021, making staff feel comfortable at the office is essential. And organizations can help to support employees in this changing work environment by providing options.

Touch controllers, like Logitech Tap, offer an easy, intuitive way to start and end meetings, while features like voice commands offer an alternative option for employees who feel less comfortable touching shared surfaces. Logitech has integrated with partners like Zoom Rooms to make meeting control easy with voice-activated commands.

Join any meeting from any room

As an IT leader, you’re no stranger to panicked calls and urgent tickets when staff can’t join meetings easily. That's why it's important to standardize the video collaboration experience.

Most businesses favor one video conferencing service over others, so meeting rooms may only be equipped for that service. But what happens when someone needs to join an external meeting or webinar on a different platform?

Logitech Swytch enables employees to plug in their laptops and seamlessly take over the meeting room AV system to run any other conferencing software from their own device, minimizing the need for troubleshooting

Make management simple

Managing video conferencing solutions can be challenging, especially if your purview includes numerous meeting rooms across multiple locations. Logitech Sync is a device management platform that helps you easily manage your meeting rooms at scale.

Sync offers real-time updates on room status and firmware updates, so that you can prioritize and resolve potential issues before they impact users. With Sync Insights, IT can leverage usage data to optimize the deployment and utilization of their organization's video conferencing devices.

Get started with Logitech Sync

Make deployment stress-free

Every office space is different, and you shouldn’t have to suffer a complex deployment experience just because the architect responsible for your building decided to give your meeting room a curved wall.

No matter what your space looks like, Logitech can fully support you with its comprehensive service plan, Logitech Select. Select provides you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, 24/7 support, and advanced Sync analytics. With Select, Logitech engineers are at your disposal to respond to a help request, no matter your room needs. And, when combined with Sync, Select  provides operational insights that keep your rooms optimized.

Get support with Logitech Select.

Logitech covers its portfolio of room solutions with accessories to tailor deployments to your space. Everything from extension cables to plugs was designed to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency. With different mounting options to help you find the best possible configuration, your conference room becomes more flexible than ever. Seamlessly pivot from standard group views to presentation mode, or get a wider angle to accommodate extra people.

Video-enable every room

It’s never been more important to place video conferencing at the heart of your office by ensuring every part of your area is video-enabled. Discover how to transform your office into a high-performing collaboration space.


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