Case Study - Michigan Colleges Alliance

Case Study

Michigan Colleges Alliance

Logitech and Google Provide Innovation for Collaborative Classrooms

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Michigan Colleges Alliance (MCA) is the third largest higher education institution in the State of Michigan. With 40,000 students on fifteen campuses, MCA wanted to leverage video conferencing and whiteboard technologies to better connect their student/faculty communities and expand educational programs across their system.

MCA’s early experience with video conferencing wasn’t great based on the cost and complexity of the technologies and communication platforms available at the time.

But the current generation of video conferencing technology from Logitech and Google has solved all that. Today, campus IT staff have enthusiastically endorsed and adopted Logitech/Google solutions while over 90 percent of the student body rates video-enabled collaborative classrooms as “Better” or “Much Better” than traditional learning environments.

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MCA was seeking a high-quality, cost-effective way to implement the collaborative classroom concept across member schools, developing interactive environments that closely replicate the personalized faculty-student experience.

MCA’s early experience with video conferencing was that it was too complex and expensive for widespread deployment. But the prospect of extending more courses to a wider pool of students motivated them to try again with the current generation of technology.


MCA evaluated several video conferencing tools from Logitech and Google as part of a pilot at Alma College. The prototype collaborative classroom included Logitech MeetUp and the PTZ Pro 2 Camera plus Google Jamboard interactive whiteboards linked together on the Google Hangouts Meet collaboration platform.

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“The Logitech/Google solution has totally changed how we think of distance learning,” said Andrew Bare of Alma College. “There’s been nothing but glowing reports—these are beautiful classrooms set up so that users know they’re going to be truly connected to everyone on screen and in the classroom.”

After the pilot, MCA expanded the collaborative classroom concept across member schools enabling a broader curriculum, increased enrollment, and access to faculty well beyond a traditional setting.

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“With Logitech and Google, the traditional issues with video conferencing have been solved. The quality has gone up, the costs have come down, and now building collaborative rooms is something any institution can do. It’s affordable and has a high impact.”

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