Case Study: Red Cross Uses Logitech Video Conferencing Solutions to Connect Indigenous Communities

Case Study

The Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross Connects Indigenous Communities With Logitech Video Conferencing Solutions

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The Australian Red Cross has transformed the way its 2,000 staff and 25,000 volunteers collaborate internally, as well as how they administer their humanitarian services externally, by adopting Skype for Business through Office 365 and Logitech Video Conferencing Solutions.

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“The Australian Red Cross are an organization focused on humanitarian values. Everything is about face-to-face relationships and that’s very difficult to do when you have 120 sites across the country. Now, with everyone able to communicate and collaborate face-to-face, it’s changing the way we work.”

Martin Connolly 
Head Of ICT Operations, Australian Red Cross


The Australian Red Cross faced a unique set of challenges as a NFP. Its humanitarian focus requires meaningful face-to-face relationships, which can be hard to orchestrate when a large portion of their 120 sites are located in extremely remote areas.

They needed a cost-effective solution that could reduce the need for travel, improve internal collaboration, boost productivity and increase connectivity for its remote sites – something that wasn’t happening with its existing video conferencing system.

Additionally, the rollout of a new solution hinged on the a ordability and simplicity of that rollout.


In an effort to increase connectedness to its stakeholders and overcome its unique challenges as an organization, the Australian Red Cross began to lay the technological foundations for its 'End User Computing Project' at the beginning of last financial year. A large part of this project was adopting Skype for Business through Office 365, and aligned with that, introducing 25 Logitech Skype Room Systems with either Logitech Group or MeetUp, as well as 65+ Logitech Webcams and Headsets around Australia.

Logitech’s range of products gave the Australian Red Cross flexibility to find the appropriate solution for each one of its varied sites. They’ve now moved away from a complicated system to one “where you can just hit the join button and we’re there, we’re in the meeting and ready to go”.


The Logitech and Skype for Business solutions deployed were, for them, the most cost-effective solution currently available in market.

Its impact on travel reduction, internal collaboration, productivity, end-user experience, as well as the feedback on things like video and audio quality have all been "overwhelming positive" – to the point where they’ve clocked 8,000-9,000 minutes on Skype for Business in the first 6 months.

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