Logitech AMR Friends and Family Program

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Share Logitech with your friends and family and they can save 35%.

Simply enter your name and @Logitech, @Ultimateears, @Jaybirdsport, @bluemic or @Astrogaming.com e-mail address below, you'll receive a code by e-mail that you can forward on to your friends and family. When they enter the code during checkout they can save 35% on up to three items at Logitech.com, Ultimateears.com, Jaybirdsport.com, bluedesigns.com or Astrogaming.com

See below for limitations and exclusions.

Thank you for your submission.

An email should arrive shortly with your promocode.

Important Notes:

  • Each code can only be used once. To make purchases in the future you will need to request a new code.
  • There is a limit of three total items per order
  • The product pages show the full retail prices. Your discount will be taken off of the product after you enter your discount code.
  • The discount will be applied to the standard list price of the product. This discount can not be combined with any additional discounts.
  • The code is only valid for orders placed on the US or  Canadian sites and shipped to the US or Canada.

Product Availability and Shipping

Not all Logitech products are sold on both the US and Canadian websites. This is determined by roadmaps and product availability. If a product is available on the US site, it may not be available on the Canada site. Unfortunately we do NOT ship from the US to CA and vice versa. Availability is as displayed on the respective sites.

Product with zero quantity in stock

If you've selected a product which shows zero (0) stock when in the shopping cart, it means that we do not currently have stock available. You may continue the order under a back-order status, but we can not guarantee stock availability in the near future. Your order may be cancelled if ultimately no stock is replenished for sale.

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