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SouthernGFX logo

"VRInk is perfect for our 3D Concept art needs. It is a fantastic partner for the Gravity Sketch VR app that is crucial in our current pipeline"

— Glen Southern, Creative Director, SOUTHERNGFX

SouthernGFX is a UK based design studio creating digital assets for a wide range of clients across the globe. The company also delivers a range of industry training in specialist areas like digital sculpting and VR creation tools with a mission to help artists create in new and innovative ways.

Design Partner logo

"VR Ink turns unfamiliar interactions into a more natural experience. It speeds up the learning curve in VR creation, so I get into the flow of design quicker."

— Cormac Ó Conaire, CDO, Design Partners

Design Partners is a product design & innovation agency. Our mission is to elevate human potential. We collaborate with the world’s most innovative brands to create future product experiences that empower and inspire people.

Realize Medical logo

"Medical modeling demands precision. Combined with Elucis, Logitech's VR Ink provides physicians and other medical professionals with the precision tool required for intuitively and rapidly creating 3D models from medical images."

— Justin Sutherland, CEO, Realize Medical

Realize Medical is the creator of Elucis, the first platform for building 3D medical models entirely within a virtual reality environment. Elucis makes it effortless to turn medical images into 3D models for medical 3D printing or use in mixed reality. Our medical image viewing, modeling, and communication platform combines novel 2D and 3D visualizations with innovative and precise input.

Sector 5 Digital logo

"VR Ink is allowing us to create shapes we wouldn’t have been able to attempt and in a way that is more precise than ever before."

— Jeff Meisner, CEO, Sector 5 Digital

Sector 5 Digital (S5D) is an award-winning studio that leverages a unique blend of master creative, strategic insight and ludicrous technology to create brilliant experiences for enterprise clients like American Airlines, Bell (Textron), Galderma and IBM.

Watch Sector 5 Digital CEO, Jeff Meisner, and team share their experience using VR Ink Pilot Edition.

"With something as refined as art and design, customers are looking for a solution that uses the muscle memory of traditional tools, like a pen. VR Ink allows designers to interact with their designs using the dexterity they're used to at their fingertips."

— Neil Johnston, CEO, Vector Suite

"To most users VR is a display technology. To us it is a new professional tool kit. We are thrilled that Logitech shares our vision of VR for designers and we are looking forward to see what users will create with flyingshapes and the VR Ink."

— Jonas Kunze, Founder flyingshapes

"Designing for the non-expert user has challenged us to be both creative and analytical, and Logitech has helped support us on this journey in designing intuitive control schemes, understandable user interfaces, and useful applications."

— Dylan Sheppard, Innovation and Industry 4.0, BMW Group

"The 2D/3D hybrid workflow that Logitech VR Ink enables, may just be the perfect solution to driving the adoption of VR in design."

— Jan Pflueger, Coordination Augmented & Virtual Reality, Audi AG

"Logitech's VR Ink not only speeds up our designers working in VR, but revolutionizes the way we design. Imagine being able to draw a sketch on a countertop using pen pressure and get it exactly as you want. Now take that sketch, pull it into the air in 3D space and continue drawing lines around the concept without having to redraw a single piece. Welcome to Logitech’s VR stylus."

— Jeff Meisner, CEO, Sector 5 Digital

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