Making it work from home

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Making it work

from home

Our homes are no longer just homes. They’re our offices. Our schools. Our broadcast studios. Our sports arenas. Even our new favorite pub. Here’s a few tips on making the new normal work for you.

from home

How do I schedule my day? Does ergonomics really matter? When's the right time to introduce my dog to co-workers? Here's the answers to all your burning work from home questions.

Get your monitor up to eye level

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Add an unexpected guest to remote meetings

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Take frequent breaks to stay productive

Yoga illustration

Set up a workspace that works for you

Make time to connect with new co-workers

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Show us how you're working from home!

Get the specialized tools you need

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Laugh about the appearance of special guest stars like your kids, pets, and spouses. It’s bring your child or bring your dog to work EVERY day now.

Bracken Darrell, CEO, Logitech

from home

Professionals aren't the only ones making it work from home. Here's tips on how students of all levels can better adjust to the new normal.

Set up a space to learn in comfort

Having a schedule is key

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Get away from the screen to make an impact

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Get creative when conditions aren't perfect

Stay connected even while apart

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Show us how you're learning from home!

Get the tools you need to succeed

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Thanks Logitech for providing teachers like me with tools to create high quality and engaging lessons for students during distance learning.

Christopher Rivas, K-12 Educator Giveaway Recipient

from home

Anyone can become a content creator - even you. All it takes is an idea, some passion, and the right gear.

Share your passion with the world

Collaborate with friends

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Keep reinventing yourself

Take your content to bold new places

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Show us how you're creating from home!

Start a following

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The amount of dorky rocking out I do in my living room is embarrassing but whatever I’m having a blast.

Yvette Young, Musician

from home

Whether you play for yourself or in front of an audience, there's as many ways to game as there are gamers. Learn how you can enhance your gaming experience today.

Play with friends or earn some rivals

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Screencap from first-peson shooter game

Share the fun

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Child playing computer games

More gear
more fun

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Not all gaming happens on a screen

Go for a drive

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Show us how you're playing from home!

The right gear can change your game

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As gamers, we know more than most that social distancing is, in fact, really just physical distancing.

Ujesh Desai, GM, Logitech G


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