MX Master 3S Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac

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An Icon. Remastered For Mac.

Meet MX Master 3S for Mac – an iconic mouse remastered. Compatible with macOS, iPadOSDevice basic functions will be supported without software for operating systems other than Windows and macOS and seamlessly integrated into the Apple ecosystem for performance, with Mac-inspired colors, Quiet Clicks, and an 8K DPI track-on-glass sensor4 mm minimum glass thickness.

Person using MX Master 3S for Mac mouse

Precision To The Pixel With 8k Dpi Tracking

MX Master 3S for Mac is outfitted with our most accurate sensor for next-gen precision and responsiveness.

Work on large resolution monitors with a pixel-precise 8,000 DPI optical sensor that tracks virtually anywhere – even on glass4 mm minimum glass thickness. Adjust your tracking sensitivity in Logi Options+Available on Windows and macOS at and set it to your preference.

Hand using MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse

Comfort Meets Quiet Clicks

Create, make and do with the same click feel, but less noise. Quiet Clicks deliver satisfying, soft tactile feedback with 90% less click noiseCompared to MX Master 3 for Mac, MX Master 3S for Mac has 90% less Sound Power Level left and right click, measured at 1m..

With an iconic silhouette contoured for your hand, the unique tilt angle of MX Master 3S for Mac positions your arm in a more natural posture for better comfort.

Scroll 1,000 Lines Per Second

MagSpeed Electromagnetic scrolling is precise enough to stop on a pixel and quick enough to scroll 1,000 lines per second. Oh, and it’s nearly silent. 

The wheel’s machined steel gives it a premium tactility and enough weight to offer dynamic inertia you feel – but don’t hear.

App-Specific Customizations

MX Master 3S for Mac is fully customizable in virtually every app you use with Logi Options+Available on Windows and macOS at You’ll work faster with predefined customizations optimized for your favorite apps such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Google Chrome, Safari, Zoom®, and Microsoft Teams®, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Edge.


a – Gesture Up
Mission Control

b – Gesture Right
Switch application

c – Gesture Down
App Expose

d – Gesture Left
Switch application

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Default buttons customization

1 – MagSpeed Wheel
Middle Button

2 – Mode Shift Button
Shift wheel mode

3 – Thumbwheel
Horizontal scroll

4 – Side button forward
Move forward

5 – Side button back
Move back

6 – Gesture button click


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Photoshop Customization

1 –  Pan

2 – Adjust Brush size

3 – Redo

4 – Undo

Video editing

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse video editing button Customization

1 – Pan

2 – Timeline horizontal scroll

3 – Redo

4 – Undo


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Browser buttons customization

1 – Open link in a new tab

2 – Navigate between tabs

3 – Forward

4 – Back

Video calls

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Video calls app buttons customization

1 – Start/Stop video

2 – Mute/Unmute mic

Word & Powerpoint

MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Browser buttons customization

1 – Pan (hold and move mouse)

2 – Zoom

3 – Redo

4 – Undo


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse Excel app buttons customization

1 – Pan

2 – Horizontal scroll

3 – Redo

4 – Undo

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A Design Choice You’ll Feel Good About

MX Master 3S For Mac

Performance Wireless Mouse
Pale Gray


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Free Carrying Case with MX Master 3S or MX Anywhere 3S.

Specs & Details


MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse
  • Height: 4.92 in (124.9 mm)
  • Width: 3.32 in (84.3 mm)
  • Depth: 2.01 in (51 mm)
  • Weight: 4.97 oz (141 g)

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technology
  • Darkfield high precision
Nominal value
  • 1000 DPI
DPI (Minimal and maximal value)
  • 200 to 8000 DPI (can be set in increments of 50 DPI)
  • 7 buttons (Left/Right-click, Back/Forward, App-Switch, Wheel mode-shift, Middle click)
Customization app
Scroll Wheel
  • Yes, with smart-shift
  • Yes
Gesture button
  • Yes
Wireless technology
  • Required: Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
Certified carbon neutral

Warranty Information

1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

  • Pale Gray : 910-006570
  • Space Gray : 910-006569


  • Compatible with Logi Bolt USB Receiver (not included)
  • Logi Bolt wireless products will not pair with other Logitech USB receivers
Internet access required to download optional customization app Logi Options+ Available on Windows and macOS at

In the Box

  • Mouse
  • USB-C charging cable (USB-C to USB-C)
  • User documentation


Find all the documentation we have available to get this product up and running quickly. 

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