5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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1. Kickstart Your Day

What tricks do you have to start your morning on a high note? If you haven’t found them yet, here are a few ideas you could try:

  • Take a cold shower to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Like many morning routines, it may require some willpower at first—but it can boost your productivity in the long run..
  • In case a cold shower sounds a little bit too extreme for you, you could take a few minutes each morning to practice meditation.
  • Go for a jog to get your runners high and score your first activity of the day.
  • Create positive affirmations to lift your spirits and boost your energy. Just a reminder: You’re awesome!

2. Break-Dance

Spoiler: No breakdancing mat required. When meetings go one after another, make sure you take short but active breaks. Dance to your favorite song, do a stretching exercise, or maybe try a few squats—do anything to shake up your daily routine. Link these fun breaks to mundane events like video calls: Every time you wrap up a meeting, get up and move.

3. Set (Yourself) Up for Success

Now that you made active breaks your habit, let’s look at your setup. In addition to sitting right and setting up an ergonomic workspace, make your setup work for you and your needs. The Logi Workspace Configurator can help you choose the perfect set of products for your workspace and priorities.

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4. Schedule a Power Hour

Remember that one thing that’s been on your list forever and you can’t just find time to get it done? Well, the time has come. Block off a “power hour” on your calendar to work on it at full speed, NO MATTER WHAT. No distractions, no emails, no petting the dog (sorry, furry friends!)

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5. Celebrate Daily Wins

You might be busy with work, and that’s totally fine. But keep in mind that you’re in for a marathon, not a sprint. And just like athletes sometimes need to slow down and catch their breath, you do too. So rather than always chasing the big future goals, take a look around and celebrate your everyday wins—you’ll be surprised how many of them go unnoticed! Simply write down your daily goals and then, when the day is over, cross out the things you accomplished. Now it’s time for some rest after another productive day.

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