Wellbeing Tips for Working From Home | Logitech Ergo Series

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Whether you are back at the office or embracing the new work-from-home normal, discover our collection of easy, effective ways to feel better and do better at your workspace — from tips on setting up the perfect ergonomic workstation to handy hacks that can boost your wellbeing throughout the day.

Could Less Be More For You? Try A Minimalist Keyboard

If you have a smaller stature and don’t need a numpad, a minimalist keyboard could help you feel better and do better at work.

Get The Most Out Of Your Logitech Devices

Learn how to use our signature software features to become even more efficient and make time for the important stuff.

What's a Neutral Posture?

Ergo Series products are designed to promote a more neutral posture – find out why.

Wellness at Work

5 quick and easy tips from the experts on achieving a greater sense of wellness at work.

Set Up An Ergo Workspace

Set up your screen, choose the right tools, and start feeling better.

4 Steps to Building a Better You

Behavioral changes are hard to make – and even tougher to keep. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies for behavioral changes that stick.

The First Steps to Better Ergonomics at Home

Tips on setting up a home workstation that really work.

Better Ergonomics for Home-Schooled Children

Children and teenagers need ergonomics, too. Follow these rules for the whole family.

Advanced Work-From-Home Ergonomics

How to recreate a proper work environment.

Work-From-Home Mental Wellbeing Hacks

A few simple ticks and tricks to maintaining your mental wellbeing while working from home.

Managing Screen Time at Any Age

Recommendations regarding total screen time, depending on your age and the device that you use.
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