Carbon Labeling and Measuring Carbon Impact of Products

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Carbon Labeling For a Climate-Smart Future

What’s in a number? When it comes to carbon, numbers tell an important story. We’re upfront and transparent about the amount of climate-impacting carbon generated as we make, distribute, use, and eventually recognize the end-of-life of our products.

We’re working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and holding ourselves accountable by placing a carbon footprint label directly on the box.

What's Behind The Number

Quite a lot! The number on our carbon label is an estimate of the total carbon footprint of a product and packaging over its entire life cycle. It shows the weight of CO2e gases emitted over an assumed two year use period. We have developed a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology that allows us to estimate a product’s carbon impact from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, distribution, consumer use, and ultimately disposal or recycling at end-of-life.

Looking at a Logitech Gaming Mouse

Let’s explore the carbon footprint of the Logitech Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse, by looking at what happens at each phase of its life.




How It's Used


The Start of Something Big

In June 2020, Logitech was the first consumer electronics company to commit to providing detailed carbon impact labeling for ALL products on its packaging and online marketing materials. With hundreds of products this takes time and we are working with external experts to further validate our data. Browse through our selection of carbon-labeled mice and keyboards below and choose what is right for you.


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