Ergo for Business

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Give the choice of wellbeing

Give your employees the comfort they deserve. Our ergonomic products can help to support your company’s wellbeing goals and make it easier to standardize on Logitech devices.

A Human-
Science-Driven Approach

As the leader in the ergonomic keyboards and miceBased on the independent accumulated sales data (in dollars) for all ergonomic models of mice and keyboards aggregated from key markets including Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States during from July 2022 through July 2023., we put an extraordinary amount of care and thought into the design of our products. Our solutions are informed by data, approved by ergonomists, and loved by users.

People testing in Logi Ergo Lab

Logi Ergo Lab

Our ergonomic keyboards and mice are tested by users and developed in collaboration with Logi Ergo Lab to ensure they are comfortable and easy to use by anyone in the workplace.

Person using Wave Keys

Certified by US Ergonomics

Logitech ergonomic devices are certified by United States Ergonomics (, so you can be confident they will meet the needs of your employees.


and Choice

Ergonomic tools are a personal choice. Our Ergo Portfolio offers employees options so they can choose the best devices for their specific needs.

Lift for Business

Comfort in a natural handshake position

Ergo M575 Trackball for Business

 More comfort, more space

Ergo K860 Split Keyboard for Business

 Improved typing posture

Wave Keys for Business

Familiar feel, all-day comfort

Man working comfortably with good work setup

From Good Enough to Well Enough

Workplace wellbeing sustains long-term productivity. Read our report on the cost of poor work setups and their impact on physical wellness and employee turnover. Learn how we can support you.

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