Logi Tune Software



Logi Tune simplifies headset and webcam control and customization and enables deployment at scale.

Logi Tune Simplifies Customization & Control

Manage multiple Logitech personal collaboration devices* with Logi Tune. Available in desktop and mobile app versions, Logi Tune provides an elegantly intuitive dashboard for easy setup, control and customization. Test your headset mic and sound, customize EQ, and adjust sidetone to hear your own voice at just the right volume. For webcams, control framing, adjust focus and choose a color preset to look your best. Logi Tune also makes firmware updates one-touch simple.

Logi Tune Mobile


Open the Logi Tune1 mobile app to access Zone Wireless headset controls on your iPhone or Android™ smartphone. From the simple dashboard, confidently toggle mute, view charging status, modulate sidetone controls and tweak the 5-band EQ sliders (or choose from the custom presets). The Logi Tune mobile app also makes it easy to download firmware updates.


Logi Tune Mobile

Supported Devices



Logi Tune simplifies mass deployment and makes it easy to manage rules and roles, lock certain features to specific groups or the entire company, and propagate one-click diagnostics. With support for Mac, Windows and mixed OS environments, Logi Tune makes it simple to set up and manage options for supported devices deployed globally.

Simple Tune Deployment and configuration

Deploy Logi Tune to individual users or proliferate throughout the enterprise with configurable MSI installer.


Configure headsets remotely, set rules, manage access, assign roles, and simplify sign-in with integrated Microsoft Azure Active Directory control.


Logi Tune provides one-click self-diagnostics and generates reports to a shared directory for easy access by the IT support team.

Partners and Integrations

By leveraging Tune’s enterprise capabilities and ecosystem of Logitech technology partner solutions, IT pros, facility managers, and managed service providers can benefit from centralized, cross-platform solutions to monitor, manage, and analyze personal collaboration devices.

Partners and Integrations
feature Zone wireless headset Zone Wireless &
Zone Wireless Plus
Zone wired headset Zone Wired*
Tune Software Tune Mobile Tune Desktop Tune Desktop
Sidetone True True True
Music Equalizer** True True True
Mic Gain Control False True True
Button Customization False True False
Bluetooth® Connection Manager False True False
Sleep Settings True True False
Headset Diagnostics False True True
Firmware Updates True True True
Pair with Unifying
Mouse and Keyboard
False *** False
* Logi Tune Mobile not available for Zone Wired
** Music equalizerer for wired headsets supported only on windows
*** Feature only available for Zone Wireless Plus
feature Zone wireless headset Brio Zone wired headset Logitech C930 / C930C Zone wired headset Logitech C925E Zone wired headset Logitech C920E / C920C
Zoom in/out True True True True
Diagonal Field of View 90°, 78°, 65° False False False
Color adjustments and presets True True True True
Manual focus True True True True
Webcam Diagnostics True True True True
Anti Flicker True True True True
HDR True False False False
Firmware Updates True True False False

System Requirements


Logi Tune Mobile

Android device running Android 5.0 and up
iOS device running iOS 11 and up


Logi Tune Desktop

Windows 10 and up
macOS X 10.14 and up

1. This app is only available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.