Recorded Webinar: Intelligent Devices Boost Worker Performance


Intelligent Devices Boost Worker Performance

How Modern Devices Deliver Value To Workers In The Collaborative Enterprise

Watch this recorded webinar with Frost & Sullivan VP of Research, Elka Popova and Logitech Head of Sales Enablement, Simon Dudley discuss the trends shaping the future of work, the importance of investing in user experience and how headsets are essential to digital transformation.

Companies are increasingly focused on digital transformation as a means to deliver an end to end customer experience in today's highly competitive industries. Workers demand versatile communication and collaboration tools that switch easily between different devices and environments. Learn why forward looking organizations are enabling a new type of user experience that's more intuitive and natural, with software based communications and collaboration tools like multimodal headsets that are integrated with workflow and productivity applications.

Highlights Include


Companies that adjust to digital transformation effectively usually see higher growth & revenue, higher productivity and higher employee retention rates.


Contemporary collaboration tools are mission critical. More than 80% say conferencing and collaboration tools are important or very important for 3 main reasons: to boost productivity, improve collaboration and accelerate decision making.


Headsets are an essential part of the future workplace.



Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing, Streaming, and Recording


Wireless Bluetooth headset designed to control your acoustic environment and get stuff done in open workspaces


All-in-One ConferenceCam with extra-wide field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and huddle rooms


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perform in a business environment.