Disaster Response & Support for Local Communities | Logitech

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Our focus

When disaster strikes, we are here to support our local communities. From donating money and products to a cause, partnering with others to drive larger initiatives, to acts of individual creativity and kindness – together, we have done good things and commit to doing more.

Corporate Donations

Our thoughts are with the victims of disasters, and we urge everyone to stay safe and do what you can to help!


Using our connections, we are fortunate to be able to partner with other companies to help provide disaster relief.

Picture of 'Video Care Carts'
HermanMiller | logitech

Partnership with Herman Miller to Deliver “Video Care Carts”


These ‘Video Care Carts’ help hospital staff and COVID patients who are alone and isolated. Each cart provides hundreds of hours of patient visits per month, creating precious moments for families with loved ones and/or time doctors get with patients without being in the room using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Individual Kindness

Our company wouldn’t be the same without our employees who go out of their way to help.