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Space-saving wall mount with cable management

Wall Mount for Logitech Tap
  • Preserves table space
  • Sturdy plate and cleat construction
  • Compatible with in-wall and down-wall cabling
Wall Mount for Logitech Tap


Designed to conserve table space in huddle rooms and for stand-up operation in hallways and open areas, the Logitech Tap Wall Mount offers convenient access to touch controls. A magnetic cable dock neatly holds an HDMI cable for wired content sharing.

Key Features
  • Mounts Flush and Stays Put

    The sturdy plate and cleat construction holds Tap securely in place and adds virtually no thickness for a sleek appearance.

  • Convenient Content Sharing

    When using Tap with applications that support wired content sharing, a magnetic cable clip and dock keep an HDMI cable within reach but out of the way.

  • Supports In-Wall Cabling

    Compatible with Tap’s rear and bottom cable exits so you can route cabling either within or down the wall.

  • Dimensions

      PC Mount with Cable Retention Clamp

      • Height x Width x Depth:
      • 58 mm x 244 mm x 179 mm

      Display Angle

      • 14° display angle
  • Compatible Devices

    • Logitech Tap

    Package Contents

    • Wall Mount Assembly (plate and cleat)
      Magnetic HDMI Cable Clip and Dock
      Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty Information

    2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Part Number

    PN: 939-001817

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Wall Mount for Logitech Tap

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Display Angle

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Wall Mount for Logitech Tap

Space-saving wall mount with cable management