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While creating content, having to search the web for images, icons, gifs, and other visual content, often leads to low-resolution, copyrighted or watermarked material. With Logi Boost, you can easily find quality visuals, keeping you in your flow, saving you time, and taking your creations to the next level.

Available for macOS and Windows® 10
Image transferring app available for iOS and Android™




Have images on your phone and want to use them on the desktop? Logi Boost is completely cross-platform allowing you to send content from an iOS or Android smartphone to a Windows or Mac computer.


Phone to desktop transferring is supported on these platfoms



Already have images you want to use? Connect your accounts through Logi Boost and have easy access to your images.


Our Beta Program Connected App Partners



Quickly search for high-quality images, Gifs, and icons in one place. Once you have found what you are looking for, simply drag and drop (or copy + paste) to whichever application you want.


Our Beta Program Search Partners





When you use any content in Logi Boost they are automatically saved in your History so you can quickly access them again whenever you need them.



A Logi ID account allows you to continue using boost on another or additional computer. You can create a dedicated Logi ID account using your email or sign in with AppleID, Facebook or Google accounts. 



What is Logi Boost?

Logi Boost is a new beta app from Logitech. Logi Boost is the app for you if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to find the right image to express your ideas or transfer photos content from an iOS/Android smartphone to a Windows/Mac computer. We built this app for anyone who needs just the right icon for a slide, the perfect images to go with a presentation, or who wants to quickly transfer a photo from their phone.

Who can access Logi Boost?

Logi Boost is in the Open Beta phase, the access is limited by the invitations. Be patient, and very soon, everyone will have access. On the desktop app, on the three dots menu, you will quickly be able to refer friends that you think might love the app, and they will be added to the waiting list and should shortly get access!

Could I have the app Logi Boost on several devices?

Logi Boost is available on mobile and desktop and works across operating systems (iOS/Android/Windows/macOS). Our goal is to make it cross-platform and have feature parity (where it makes sense) between devices and sync capabilities (based on user profiles/accounts), so you always have what you need, regardless of your device.

Can I use only a desktop device?

Yes, you can use only the desktop application, then you will be able to search for new content and access your own content. We make it easy for you to use this content by simply drag & drop. If you want to transfer pictures from your mobile to your desktop, you need to download the mobile application and log in with the same Logi ID on your desktop.

Logi ID

To access the application, you need to create an account at https://www.logitech.com/en/my-account.html  or log in with your Logi ID account if you already have one.

How do I give feedback about Logi Boost?

You can share feedback via the feedback button in the app or reach out to us directly at logiboost@logitech.com

Which content formats does Logi Boost support?

Currently, Logi Boost supports images, gifs, emojis, and icons. If you want to suggest any new content format or partner, please share using the app’s feedback button or Suggest partners button.

Why is my drag & drop not working?

Specific applications have limitations of drag & drop for some content formats. For instance, Microsoft Excel doesn’t allow drag & drop of gifs. It’s a limitation of Microsoft Excel itself and not of Logi Boost. If drag & drop is not working on a particular application, it is probably a limitation of the end app and not Logi Boost. If you still think it is a Boost issue, feel free to share your feedback via the feedback button in the app.


About Transfer

To transfer content from a mobile device to a desktop, you need to log into your account with your Logi ID, and the devices should be on the same network. The content you have transferred will appear on the tab “My phone” tab.  

You can connect several desktop devices to your mobile phone. And before the transfer, you will need to choose on which device you want to make this transfer. 

You can log out on each device, and the transfer won’t be available.


Why can’t I connect/transfer devices?

You must log in to the mobile and desktop app using your Logi ID for a successful transfer. In addition, the devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network. If the mobile phone is on mobile internet and the desktop is on the Wi-Fi network, then you won’t be able to transfer the visual content. If the issue persists, please share feedback via the feedback button in the app.

Why can’t I search on mobile applications?

For Open Beta, the mobile application has limited features. Therefore, transferring images to the desktop is the only available option.

Why do I need to give access to my photo library on my mobile device ?

If you want to transfer photos from a mobile device to a desktop, you need to give access to the photos. To do this, you can choose several photos from the library or provide access to the whole photo library. Logi Boost doesn’t store this information anywhere. It stays on your device.

I am on the same network but unable to transfer, why?

With unstable wifi connection(WIFI with multiple subnets enabled) like in co-working spaces or hotels, transfer will not be enabled between mobile to desktop even if both the devices are connected with same WIFI.


What do partners mean?

Logi Boost aims to create the best experience for you. We are working with some of the best visual content libraries of images, gifs, icons, and emojis. We are working with Unsplash, Qwant, Pixabay, Giphy, Tenor, Noun Project, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Google Photos. On the desktop application, you can suggest any other partners that you would like to use on our application.

Why do I need to connect to Google Photos and Dropbox?

Connecting to partners to use Logi Boost isn’t obligatory, but if you want to use your own content from these partners in the application, you can connect to the needed partners using your credentials. Logi Boost doesn’t store your content and won’t share the access with other users. Once the partners successfully connect to the application, you can search for that content.

Why can’t I search on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, the search is unavailable due to the partners’ restrictions. By connecting your account to Pinterest, we make it easy for you to leverage your own visual content.

Can I add another partner to the application?

Currently, you can only suggest new partners from our desktop application; to do this, you need to press the “+” button on the menu bar of  the home screen, and you will see the button “Suggest partners.” By filling out the form, you are suggesting a  partner to our team. First, we will review all suggestions and choose the most popular and valuable partner. Then, we will integrate them, and your request will appear on the home screen.

What does History mean?

In the “History” tab, you will find all the content you previously used from Logi Boost. We make it easy for you to access all your recent visual content. You don’t need to start the entire search from scratch again. You can delete some or all the content from the tab.

How much does Logi Boost cost?

Logi Boost is free for a limited time during beta. We count on our beta users to provide crucial feedback, and we can’t do this without you. Sharing your data with us is essential to improve the Logi Boost experience. Pricing has not yet been determined and will be announced in the future.

How can I use Logi Boost, and when will it be useful?

You can use Logi Boost just about anytime you need visual content. For example, while creating a presentation or chatting with a friend. Imagine you’re creating a presentation for a meeting and want to add images to various slides. With Logi Boost, you will access visual content from many sources (web, your devices, and other apps) in one click. Everything is visually organized and smartly referenced so you can easily navigate on the right side of your screen and use the content you want with a simple drag and drop.


System Requirements (DESKTOP)

Windows 10 and later

macOS 10.15 and later

System Requirements (Mobile)




English (during Beta)



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