Diversity & Inclusion for Employees & Business | Logitech

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Our focus

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion enables us to bring together people with different perspectives, skills and ideas to drive innovation. We value and celebrate a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and of course, that great ideas come from us all.

Growing an inclusive culture

We foster a company culture that promotes inclusive leaders and ensures team collaboration, innovation, and effectiveness by providing an environment where employees feel respected, supported, and valued.

Team gathering scene to build awareness and capability around inclusivity

Building awareness and capability around inclusivity

  • Creating company-wide experiences that enable recognition of bias, privilege, and galvanize  inclusive action.
  • Measuring and taking action on belonging in the workplace through our employee engagement survey.

  • Celebrating and observing the diversity that we have inside and outside the company through events such as International Women’s Day, LGBTQ+ Pride,  and more.

Enabling & supporting our underrepresented employees

We foster visibility, capability, community and access for our employees who come from underserved backgrounds and communities.

Conference and event examples Logitech sponsored

What we're doing

Our growing employee affinity groups help employees from underrepresented or underserved backgrounds create community, develop as leaders, share opportunities and organize participation in local or regional events.

We sponsor development and mentorship for our underrepresented employees. Additionally, we sponsor conferences and events globally such as TEDxLausanneWomen, Silicon Valley Pride, Veterans Career Transition Day and Tech Gig Geek Goddess.

At our production facility, we ensure equal pay for equal work and periodically benchmark our benefits packages with relevant peer companies and good practice. We work with our suppliers to maintain the same standards at our supplier facilities.

Changing the way we do business

We continuously review and improve Logitech processes and programs to better connect with customers, employees and partners by identifying ways to be more inclusive and minimizing bias.