K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Minimalist keyboard for computers, tablets and phones

Make any space minimalist, modern, and versatile with the K380 Slim Multi-Device—an ultra-thin, design-forward keyboard perfect for typing on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and more. It’s the ideal companion for your everyday multitasking.

Specs & Details


Height: 124 mm
Width: 279 mm
Depth: 16 mm
Weight: 423 g including batteries

Technical Specifications

Connection Type: Bluetooth Classic (3.0)
Software support
  • Logitech Options for Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10 or later)
  • Logitech Options for Mac (OS X 10.8 or later)
  • Logitech Flow
Battery: 2 x AAA
Battery: 24 months
Indicator Lights (LED): Battery LED, 3 Bluetooth channel LEDs
Special Keys: Hotkeys (Home, Back, App-switch, Contextual Menu), Easy-Switch™
Connect / Power: On/Off Switch

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

  • Rose UK English (Qwerty): 920-009590
  • Off-white UK English (Qwerty): 920-009591
  • Black UK English (Qwerty): 920-007580
  • Black Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-007566
  • Black Français (Azerty): 920-007568
  • Blue Français (Azerty): 920-007569
  • Black Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-007570
  • Black Italiano (Qwerty): 920-007574
  • Blue Italiano (Qwerty): 920-007575
  • Black Español (Qwerty): 920-007576
  • Black Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen (Qwerty): 920-007578
  • Blue UK English (Qwerty): 920-007581
  • Black Dutch(Qwerty): 920-007582
  • Black Pусский (Йцукен/Qwerty): 920-007584
  • Rose Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-009583
  • Off-white Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-009584
  • Rose Français (Azerty): 920-009585
  • Off-white Français (Azerty): 920-009586
  • Rose Español (Qwerty): 920-009587
  • Off-white Español (Qwerty): 920-009588
  • Off-White Pусский (Йцукен/Qwerty): 920-009589
  • Rose Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-009857
  • Off-white Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-009858
  • Rose Italiano (Qwerty): 920-009865
  • Off-white Italiano (Qwerty): 920-009866
  • Rose US International (Qwerty) : 920-009867
  • Off-white US International (Qwerty) : 920-009868

System Requirements

Windows 10 or later
macOS 10.15 or later
iPadOS 13.1 or later
iOS 11 or later
Chrome OS
Android™ 7 or later
Works with Surface
An internet connection (for optional software download)

In the Box

  • Keyboard
  • 2 AAA batteries (pre-installed)
  • User documentation


Find all the documentation we have available to get this product up and running quickly. 


New colors, new you. Own your space with a Rose, Off-White or Graphite keyboard that matches your favorite accessories. Your desk setup? It’s now a design statement.

A person carry a portable keyboard one handed


Minimalist, modern—and mobile. The slim, lightweight K380 Multi-Device keyboard is outfitted with Bluetooth® so you can multitask at home, on the go, or at your favorite cafe. Type on a laptop, phone or tablet and own your space wherever you go.


Any device, any OS. K380 Multi-Device connects to all Bluetooth wireless devices with external keyboard support, so you can work seamlessly with Windows®, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS™, Android™, iOS, and even Apple TV.   


It automatically maps keys, remembers shortcuts, and gives you a familiar layout for your preferred platform.

OS Logo which support K380
A person carrying a white keyboard


Connect up to three devices—even with different operating systems— and switch between them with a tap. So you can type, switch, and keep on typing.


All the keys in a tight design. The extra-small footprint lets you place your mouse closer for less arm reaching, more comfort, and better body posture. Scooped, low-profile scissor keys love the shape of your fingertips, offering a fluid, quiet, familiar laptop-like typing experience. Plus, it fits in your bag.

A pink and white keyboard with a 2 year battery icon


Two years, two AAA alkaline batteries—pre-installed. So you can take pleasure in forgetting all about it.


Modern, design tools that accent your desk set-up and fit with your curated lifestyles.

K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Minimalist keyboard for computers, tablets and phones
Modern, Slim, and Silent Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse
Full HD camera with USB-C for live streaming and content creation
Bluetooth headset features noise-canceling mic and exceptional sound.