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While COVID-19 brought telemedicine into the mainstream, healthcare providers still struggle with its limitations. Telehealth has clear potential, but how can medical professionals accurately and reliably engage with their patients without the opportunities of an in-office visit?

The answer: an innovative hybrid approach that uses telehealth to bring specialized medical expertise into on-the-ground clinics. With this model, Troy Medical is trailblazing access to care for remote and underserved communities – and they’re using Logitech webcams to make it happen.

With Troy Medical, video technology powers expansive access to medical care

Troy Medical describes itself as “medicine for the modern age.” Founded by Ophthalmologist Dr. Kara Hartl on the belief that everyone deserves access to excellent medical care, Troy Medical combines telemedicine with in-person offices to serve remote and medically underserved communities. 

Dr. Hartl’s unique approach uses video technology to give her patients access to medical specialists from across the country, such as rheumatologists, endocrinologists, and neurologists. Telehealth visits are complemented with on-the-ground support to address the full breadth of patients’ needs. 

Dr. Hartl explained, “Medicine is a lot more than a doctor on the screen. It’s helping the patient navigate the entire healthcare infrastructure, from checking your vitals to insurance authorizations. As a hybrid clinic, Troy Medical brings in medical expertise via telehealth, while our clinics manage the human-to-human aspects with our patients.” 

Put simply, her model is working. From Texas to Alaska, Troy Medical has transformed medical outcomes for its patients by providing unprecedented access to expertise and care.

Dr. Kara Hartl. and webcam placed on top of the monitor

Founder Dr. Kara Hartl.

The right webcam played a critical role in getting the business off the ground

When Dr. Hartl started Troy Medical, she knew that video technology would play a critical role. For the business to work, she needed webcams that were extremely high quality, incredibly simple to use, easily accessible, and reasonably priced.

Troy Medical operates with a webcam in each of the clinic’s exam rooms. To be able to accurately assess and diagnose patients, the remote medical specialists must be able to see and hear them with absolute clarity during telehealth visits. That requires high-definition cameras and microphones that can capture and convey an extraordinary amount of audio and visual detail.

Precision, however, was just one of the must-haves for the exam room cameras. They also needed to be turnkey: a plug-and-play solution that was easy to set up and use. “The small towns where we’re located don’t have a lot of infrastructure,” Dr. Hartl continued. “We needed webcams that the people on the ground, no matter how tech-savvy they were, could literally plug in, push play, and go.”

The technology had to be scalable as well. Troy Medical plans to continue to expand its network of clinics and needed a solution that could be replicated as the business grows. Accessibility mattered, too. Dr. Hartl said, “These webcams are at the heart of our business. If one goes down and we can’t replace it fast, the whole thing comes to a screeching halt.”

Finally, cost played a significant role in determining the right video hardware for Troy Medical’s clinics. “Staffing an IT team to manage complex technology would be cost-prohibitive,” Dr. Hartl said, “as would the price points of some high-end equipment. We needed a way to deliver medicine in a new way that contains costs while providing exceptional medical care.”

Logitech 4K Pro webcams deliver on performance, usability, accessibility, and cost

Troy Medical found that solution with Logitech. 

As Dr. Hartl researched hardware that could meet all of her requirements, Logitech quickly stood out. According to her, “When I looked at the combination of performance, usability, availability, and cost, Logitech was a good head and shoulders above everyone else. It was a very easy decision to make.” 

Troy Medical chose the 4K Pro webcam for the company’s exam rooms. A business-grade webcam delivering ultra 4K HD video with superb resolution, frame rate, color, and detail – exactly what Troy Medical’s specialists need to work with their patients. 4K Pro features dual integrated omnidirectional mics as well, which capture audio clearly from up to one meter away without amplifying background noise so conversations always sound natural and clear.

Medical office with video conferencing equipment

An exam room at one of Troy Medical’s clinics.

For Dr. Hartl and her team, “The functionality was perfect. The level of fine-tuned detail plus the ability to adjust and move the camera around gives our specialists all the information they need to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.” Troy Medical also liked that if something happened to a webcam, they could easily replace it within 24 hours.

Ultimately, however, the usability of Logitech webcams convinced Troy Medical that it was the right fit for their needs. Dr. Hartl shared, “There are other great cameras out there, but Logitech is the only one that offers truly seamless, plug-and-play technology that someone with no training can use easily and effectively every day. That’s the game-changer for us.”

Troy Medical plans to scale big – with Logitech by its side

Powered by Logitech webcams, the Troy Medical team has big plans to scale their model across the country with a repeatable “clinic in a box” approach. Dr. Hartl concluded, “Logitech webcams were the linchpin in making Troy Medical succeed. Without this turnkey technology, we couldn’t do this work. Logitech has truly been essential to facilitating a new distribution model for access and expertise across the medical desert.”


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