Case Study: Taiho Pharmaceutical Adopts Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams

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Established in 1963, Taiho Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical subsidiary of the Otsuka group, operating globally in the two business areas of pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products. In the pharmaceutical business, the company has pioneered the development of oral anti-cancer drugs, focusing its R&D efforts on oncology, allergy/immunology, and urology. In the consumer healthcare business, the company manufactures and sells nutritive energy drinks, herbal digestive support drinks, and other products that support people's healthy lifestyles.


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When Taiho Pharmaceutical was moving from face-to-face meetings to video conferencing, they identified the need for better audio quality in meeting rooms as well as a simple solution that eliminates time-consuming setup before and after meetings. They chose Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms upon relocating its headquarters. The new solution offers time-saving, effortless video conferencing enhanced by high quality audio and video, accelerating its adoption within the company.

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In the past, video conferencing equipment like cameras, mics, and speakers had to be set up, taken out, and put away on every occasion, with the equipment usually stored in a cabinet. The complexity and inefficiency of using video conference equipment in this way not only hindered employees from leaving the meeting room on time so that others could start on time, but also raised issues such as bad cable connections and misplaced or lost equipment. While employees had to book meeting rooms as early as one month ahead of time, with a limited number of rooms available, the rooms were not equipped with the best conferencing systems and the company required a better solution that provided clear audio and a reliable connection.

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Taiho Pharmaceutical began to evaluate a new video conferencing solution in 2019 as they planned for the relocation of their headquarters in September 2021. They wanted to enable time-saving, seamless video conferencing with improved audio quality and minimal troubleshooting. When they tested Logitech Room Solutions, they took note of the excellent sound quality of the microphones and speakers, as well as the high video quality of the cameras. In the fall of 2020, the Information Technology Department and the General Affairs Department introduced the solution in their meeting rooms on a trial basis, and in March 2021 the solution was further tested in the president's office and board rooms, where it was well received for its easy operability. After the evaluation, Taiho Pharmaceutical introduced Logitech Room Solutions in 21 rooms at their newly relocated headquarters, deploying Rally Plus, Rally Bar, and MeetUp according to room size along with Tap. The company also adopted Logitech Sync software for device management, and Swytch, which allows end users to run their desired web conferencing applications installed on their laptops, even in rooms configured for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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The employees are pleased with the new solution, expressing comments like: "I can now start a meeting in one touch with Tap. Without the need to set up equipment to start a meeting, I can concentrate more on the meeting.” 

"It is convenient because once I book a meeting room, I can walk into the room and start a meeting instantly with Tap. I don’t even need to bring my laptop." 

"The high-quality microphones, speakers, and cameras in Rally Plus and Rally Bar allow me to run a meeting smoothly, even in a large conference room." 

Introducing new devices often causes anxiety and resistance among some employees, but Logitech Room Solutions are so easy to use that there was no need to provide special training. In addition, Logitech Sync allows IT administrators to monitor issues and firmware status of conference room equipment, even when they are working remotely, so the benefits are shared among end users and IT administrators. 

Mr. Hideyuki Sakai, Information Technology Department IT Planning & Management, who was involved in deploying this system, said, "The biggest benefit is that we no longer have to set up and put away equipment for video conferencing. I no longer have to be called in when a problem arises." 

Mr. Ryo Takahashi, manager of the same section, added, "Since we just adopted this new system, it is important to accelerate the adoption and get people to use the technology. Once this system is proven to be convenient and efficient at the headquarters, we would like to roll out the system to other locations to further contribute to operational efficiency." The company is expecting to facilitate use of the system in the future.


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