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    Find a Logitech headset that meets your unique business needs. Our range of office headsets offers exceptional versatility, whether you're taking calls, telecommuting, audio conferencing, engaging in interactive learning, or simply enjoying music. Logitech headsets are designed to multitask, with noise-blocking capabilities that allow you to stay focused on your work even in a noisy environment.

    At Logitech, we understand that time is a precious commodity in the business world. That's why we offer hands-free headsets that enable you to compute while talking, freeing up your hands for other tasks. Our advanced voice filters can help you sound sharper and clearer during calls and video meetings, giving you a professional edge. Choose from our extensive range of wired and wireless headsets that seamlessly connect to your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.



    With wired headsets, you can enjoy multiple connection options that provide seamless integration with various devices. Whether it's through a USB-A cable, USB-C connector or 3.5 mm jack, wired headsets deliver plug-and-play convenience across different operating systems.

    Our selection of wired headsets is perfect for business users who demand high-quality sound and reliable connectivity. They are the ideal solution for making calls, attending video meetings, participating in webinars, engaging in online training, or even listening to podcasts.

    Additionally, some models come with in-line controls located on the cord or ear cup for easy volume adjustment, call muting, and more. You can even tweak the sound settings with on-screen volume controls accessible via your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Choose a wired headset from our collection to experience the convenience, clarity, and flexibility that they offer.



    Logitech's wireless headsets offer the same premium features as their wired counterparts with the added freedom to move around without any cords holding you back. Our wireless headsets connect seamlessly via Bluetooth® or a USB-A receiver, providing a reliable and hassle-free wireless experience.

    With our wireless headsets, you can take phone calls, initiate and join video meetings, and enjoy music without being tethered to your device. You can even adjust volume, mute calls, and select music tracks with the easy-to-use on-ear controls. This added freedom is not only beneficial for those working in a busy office setting, but also for remote workers who require hands-free flexibility.

    Our wireless headsets enable you to complete work-related tasks while staying connected on the line. This functionality maximizes productivity and enhances your overall work-life balance.



    A microphone is a crucial component of any business headset, as it ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear during calls or meetings. With noise-cancelling microphone technology, background noise is reduced, allowing your voice to be heard with exceptional clarity.

    In addition to advanced microphone technology, headsets can also incorporate sophisticated software that can enhance the quality of your voice while eliminating any unwanted pops or hisses. This ensures that you sound professional and polished, regardless of your environment or circumstances.

    For those who work in an open office setting, having a noise-cancelling microphone can be a real lifesaver. It enables you to communicate with confidence, without having to worry about distracting background noise interfering with your message.



    Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is a game-changer for business headset users. By reducing ambient sounds like fans and air conditioning, you can stay focused and engaged during calls, without any distracting background noise.

    ANC technology is made possible through a combination of advanced microphone technologies and sophisticated software algorithms that work together to cancel out noise. This means that you can continue working at your optimal level, without having to adjust the volume or change your environment.

    Whether you are working in a noisy office setting or from a bustling coffee shop, ANC technology ensures that you can hear your calls and stay focused on your tasks without any distractions. This feature makes your work life easier and enables you to be more productive, no matter where you are.


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