Frankie Ng - Logitech Non-executive Board Member

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Chief Executive Officer, SGS S.A.

Kwok Wang (Frankie) Ng has been a non-executive member of Logitech’s board of directors since September 2022 and serves on Logitech’s Compensation Committee.

Mr. Ng is the chief executive officer of SGS S.A., a globally operating Swiss SMI company active in the field of testing, inspection and certification company, a position he has held since March 2015. He has held management roles at SGS since 1994, including executive vice president, Industrial Services; executive vice president, Consumer Testing Services; regional managing director, SGS U.S. Testing North America; operations manager, Consumer Testing Services; division manager, Consumer Products, Standard Technical Services. Mr. Ng started his career as a quality assurance eEngineer at Sodeco S.A., a company specializing in metering and phone systems.

Mr. Ng holds a BA degree in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Essex and a Diploma in Engineering from the Engineering School of Geneva.