Whitepaper: How to Create Equitable and Inclusive Meetings?

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Hybrid meeting with employees onsite and virtually

“Meeting equity involves the use of interpersonal behavioral tools for enabling full participation among all meeting attendees and the leader as well as the technological tools necessary to ensure everyone is seen and heard.” – Dr. Joe Allen, PhD, University of Utah Health

A company culture where everyone feels engaged and empowered to speak up during meetings is one where ideas can flourish and innovation follows. But how do you create an inclusive meeting culture in a hybrid environment, with its mix of onsite and remote attendees?

Read this whitepaper to learn best practices for equitable meetings, including:

  • How to establish psychological safety so employees feel empowered to speak up

  • How to build social bonds and foster social connection during business meetings

  • How to establish a set of etiquette guidelines for hybrid meetings

  • How to use technology to create more equitable meetings

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