4 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Conferencing


4 Reasons Your Business Needs Video

How Video Conferencing Moves Business Forward

People in a meeting via video conference

In business, face-to-face interaction builds and maintains trust in working relationships. The ability to have spontaneous meetings can significantly improve productivity. Video conferencing gives employees the ability to be somewhere without physically going there.

This guide offers four ways video conferencing transforms business and improves the lives of employees — and offers one example that isn’t improved with video.

Highlights Include

Young person video calling on mobile device

The evolving workplace: 2/3 of millennials prefer face-to-face communication versus audio only.

Man video conferencing at personal desk

What a $40K pay raise and working from home have in common.

Infographic: 90%

Productivity gains: 90% of people surveyed agree that video meetings are more efficient.

Video conferencing across a busy city with heavy traffic

How video conferencing helps mitigate the effects of business disruption.

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perform in a business environment.




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