Qconferencing Enables Better Meetings with Logitech GROUP, Logitech Connect and Logitech PTZ Pro

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Qconferencing uses Logitech® video conferencing solutions to enable better meetings.

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Qconferencing is a video communications service provider to construction, education, non-profit companies, and other markets across Europe. As the market moves away from expensive in-room systems towards cloud + PC + HD-quality video conferencing solutions, Qconferencing believes that Logitech delivers an optimal combination of A/V quality, interoperability, and cost efficiency to provide better—and easier—meeting experiences for their customers.

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Kantoor, Amsterdam

Logitech GROUP
Logitech ConferenceCam Connect
Logitech PTZ Pro

Skype® for Business

“Audio conferencing is dead. On an audio call I can multitask, handle email or even cook—as long as I say yes or no at the right times, people assume I’m listening and fully engaged when maybe I’m not. With video conferencing, 75% of the interaction is not coming from our mouths but from our nonverbal communication. The future belongs to video, video, video.”

Reginald Gatling
Account Manager, Qconferencing


Qconferencing was looking for high-quality, cost-efficient video conferencing solutions that would enable video in every meeting room for their customers. Specific priorities included full HD, ease of use, content sharing, and seamless interoperability with Skype for Business.


Qconferencing selected the Logitech portfolio of webcams and ConferenceCams to provide the combination of A/V quality, ease of use, cost efficiency, and interoperability they needed to offer exceptional Skype for Business meeting experiences for customers across Europe. Note: 95% of meeting rooms are not video enabled yet, that’s where QConferencing is going to implement Logitech products. In places where management agrees that every meeting room should be video-enabled, like Offcourse in combination with Skype for Business.


Logitech video conferencing products—by making high-end video communication flexible and affordable—are helping Qconferencing create optimized meeting room experiences customized to client needs in construction, education, non-profit companies and other markets they serve.

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Recommended Products

Group with expansion mics product image

GROUP w/ Expansion Mics

Affordable video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms

Logitech PTZ Pro-2 product image


HD 1080p video camera with enhanced pan/tilt and zoom

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Portable ConferenceCam with Bluetooth speakerphone for the huddle room, home office, and on the go

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