Case Study: Bizzabo Achieves End-to-End Video Conferencing Success with Logitech

Case Study


Bizzabo Achieves End-to-End Video Conferencing Success with Logitech

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Bizzabo is an event management software company that integrates social media to build interactive event communities for event organizers and attendees. Fast growing and global, Bizzabo is enhancing group collaboration within its organization and beyond with Logitech GROUP, MeetUp, and Connect.

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“Seeing the facial reactions of people from the other side of the world makes a huge impact on the quality of our meetings.”

Tom Shelly
Product Marketing Director


As a fast-growing event technology company with offices on both sides of the Atlantic, Bizzabo wanted their web conferencing experiences to feel like the people on every end of a video call are together in the same room. Outstanding audio, razor-sharp video, and seamless compatibility with Zoom were essential to achieving the goal.


From all-hands meetings to sales, recruitment, and customer success, Bizzabo leverages the quality and versatility of a trio of Logitech solutions to accomplish their video conference goals:

  • MeetUp delivers a super-wide 120° field of view and exceptional sound
  • Connect provides portability with a compact design that’s easy to move from room to room
  • Logitech GROUP, the amazingly affordable ConferenceCam for larger spaces, makes it easier than ever to include everyone in the conversation


Logitech video conferencing solutions create the feeling of being together in the same room for Bizzabo employees, customers, and partners around the world.

Exceptional sound quality matches razor-sharp video to create an outstanding meeting experience every time, all with plug-and-play simplicity and seamless compatibility with Zoom. The result: everyone is happy! .

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