Climate Action

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Our planet can’t wait

On behalf of future generations, we have to act right now.

As of 2021, all our products are carbon neutral. That’s great but it's not enough. The world is facing unparalleled challenges from climate change and there's an immediate need to reduce our impact even further and support climate-impacted communities and nature. 

Over the last few years, we have been prioritizing carbon reductions in our products while also transitioning to renewable energy, restoring forests, and supporting climate-impacted communities. But, we want to go beyond that to address the full impact of our value chain, ultimately removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in. We’re focused on creating a positive impact so that, together, we can restore the world we share.

Our journey to climate positive

To get to climate positive, we need to make big changes – and fast. See the actions we’ve already taken and our goals for the future. We’re planning in years – not decades – because our planet can’t wait.


1.5°C Climate Pledge

We committed to the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050.


Carbon Labeling

We became the first consumer electronics company to place detailed carbon impact labels on our products, with a commitment to do this across our entire portfolio.


Carbon Neutrality

We design for sustainability and use renewable energy to prioritize carbon reduction. We address any residual emissions with high-quality certified offsets and carbon removals.


Climate Positive

By 2030, we pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by more than half and neutralize all residual emissions, to remove more carbon than we create.



Beyond 2030, we will continue to work with our value chain partners to reduce our carbon emissions by more than 90% and address all residual carbon impact with carbon removals.


This is the heart of our strategy. We design for sustainability - to ensure every generation of Logitech product, experience and service is better than the last, with a reduced carbon impact.

Our Strategy

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Design for sustainability to achieve ambitious carbon reductions in our products, operations, and supply chain.

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Drive adoption of renewable electricity in our own operations and our supply chain.

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Restore forestry and climate-impacted communities by supporting low carbon projects and developing nature-based solutions.

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Rethinking how we do business, innovating our materials, supply chains and go-to market opportunities to advocate for change.



We are transitioning away from fossil fuels. We use supply chain intelligence to identify and map the energy footprint of our full value chain and we work in partnership with our partners and suppliers to transition to renewable electricity.


Renewable Electricity at our Production Facility


Renewable Electricity Worldwide

As of 31 December 2022



We address the full residual impact of our corporate carbon footprint, through the purchase of certified, high-quality carbon offsets and carbon removals. We prioritize these instruments to support the people and the projects who are on the front line and helping climate-impacted communities and ecosystems.



We are rethinking how we do business, innovating our materials, supply chains, and go-to-market opportunities. We are catalyzing business model evolution and we are focusing on carbon clarity - to hold ourselves accountable for the change we wish to be.

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We are the first consumer electronics company to put carbon impact labels on our products and we pledge to do this across our entire portfolio by 2025. Our goal is to empower consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions and catalyze an industry-wide shift towards carbon clarity.

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