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    What are the benefits of a wireless mouse?

    There are many benefits to going wireless, especially with mice. Here are the key reasons people select wireless mice from Logitech:

    1. Convenience
      Connect cord-free, without being tethered to a computing device.

    2. Comfort
      Choose a wireless mouse to fit your hands and have buttons and scroll wheels that are within easy reach - without a cord getting in the way.

    3. Portability
      Available in smaller sizes and made from lightweight materials, a wireless travel mouse can help make working on the road easier.

    4. Reliability
      With no cords to break, recycled plastics in 65% of all mice and keyboard units, and updated sensors, Logitech wireless mice are reliable and good for extended use.

    5. Aesthetics
      Declutter and achieve a minimalist look with a Logitech wireless mouse. Further customize your aesthetic  with a range of designs and colors to suit your mood, personality, or workspace.

    6. Versatility
      Wireless mice help achieve a flexible work style for on the go or at your desk. Further enable versatility with Logitech Options, a powerful and easy-to-use application that can configure your mouse to your customized workflows.

    What is the best Logitech wireless mouse?

    Logitech manufactures wireless mice for all types of use cases. Here are a few customer top-rated mice that may work for your needs:

    1. MX Anywhere
      The MX anywhere is a compact wireless mouse that is high performing and made for small to medium hands.

    2. MX Master
      The MX Master is a full-size performance wireless mouse with a thumb hyperscroll wheel designed for creatives and coders.

    3. MX Ergo
      The MX Ergo is a wireless trackball mouse that has an adjustable tilt to improve your wrist and forearm posture to help build a healthful and ergonomic work environment.

    Are wireless mice compatible with all devices?

    Logitech wireless mice are compatible with many devices

    • Many require a USB port 

    • Many are Bluetooth compatible

    • Operating systems will also vary by mouse model

    Please refer to the system requirements on the Logitech wireless mouse product page for compatibility.

    What is the battery life on Logitech wireless mice?

    Battery life for wireless mice can range from 12 to 36 months, depending on the model, use and computing conditions. Logitech wireless mice can either be powered by AA batteries or have a built-in rechargeable battery. Please refer to the Tech specs section of the cordless mouse product page for exact details.


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