Screen Time Recommendations & Limites

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Screen time – one of the most difficult things to manage in a work-from-home, school-from-home environment. And while it’s very important to manage the amount of screen exposure your children have, it’s equally important that we limit screen time for ourselves – even when working from home.

The graph below shows my recommendations regarding total screen time, depending on your age and the device that you use. If your 12-year old child uses a desktop computer only, she can spend up to 2hr per day on it, provided that you ban all other screens (TV, etc.). If your only computer is a laptop, the daily limit is 40min (i.e. 3 times less). If you use a smartphone only, the limit is 20min (i.e 6 times less).

Line graph showing the recommended total screen duration time by age and device

The same logic applies to taking breaks: the smaller the screen, the more frequently you should take a break, as shown below.

Line graph showing the recommended maximum screen time duration between breaks by age and device

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