Personal Workspace Solutions

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At Home, In the Office,
On the Go

Help your employees get things done from anywhere, with more security, greater flexibility, and increased comfort.

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Shop mice, keyboards, docks, headsets, and webcams for every working style.

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Manage devices and enable customization for workflows.

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Get comprehensive enterprise service and extended coverage.


Pro Tools for Pro Work

Help work get done better with everyday desk solutions with exceptional design. Optimized for security, comfort, performance, and more.

Mice & Keyboards

Choose from mainstream, performance, and ergonomic mice and keyboards for business.

Headsets & Webcams

Discover high-performance headsets and webcams certified for leading video conferencing platforms.

Logi Dock

Shop the all-in-one dock station with meeting controls and speakerphone, certified for leading video platforms.


Discover our advanced digital pointers for in-person, virtual, and hybrid work.


Discover accessories that offer maximum versatility allowing you to achieve more with iPad.

Diverse Needs, Tailored Solutions

Everyone works differently. Choose from value, mainstream, advanced portfolio and ergonomic solutions for different user needs.

Value Portfolio


Essential Tools At Great Value

Enable employees to get more done with budget-friendly devices that are reliable, durable, and intuitive.

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Core Portfolio



Give employees desktop tools they love without breaking the bank. Designed for the broadest roles within a business organization, Logitech Core Portfolio offers a better employee experience and a new office standard for productivity.

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Advanced Portfolio


High Performance For High Achievers

Boost productivity for specialized workflow needs. Equip with customizable mice and keyboards, best-in-class webcams, premium Bluetooth® headsets, and an all-in-one docking station with speakerphone and meeting controls.

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Ergonomic Solutions


Bring Wellbeing into the Workspace

Support employees to stay comfortable and connected with science-driven ergonomic mice and keyboards, versatile webcams, and lightweight headsets.

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Woman Working comfortably with Wave keys for business

Ergo for Business

Choose Employee Wellbeing

Learn how Logitech Ergo Portfolio improves workplace comfort and simplifies IT purchase.


Their Work, Their Way

Make connecting and customizing simple with Logitech software solutions.

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Empower users to manage, customize, and create workflows for devices like mice, keyboards, webcams, headsets, and Logi Dock.

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Device Management

Help hybrid workers stay up and running, keep devices up to date, and configure meeting rooms with Logitech’s video conferencing device management software.


Powering Productivity from Anywhere

Learn how Logitech supports diverse needs across diverse environments.

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Discover Logi Bolt’s Capabilities

Get an inside view of Logitech's new standard for high-performance wireless connectivity.

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Explore the Logi Ergo Lab

Learn about our human-centered and science-driven approach to designing, developing, and reinventing tools that help people feel better at work.

Ideal Work from home setup

Ideal Work-From-Home Video Conferencing Toolset

Explore how IT leaders support remote workers with purpose-built headsets and webcams.

Talk to an Expert

Find the best solution for your company. Speak to a Logitech representative today.


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