Werqwise Elevates Hybrid Work Using Logitech

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Werqwise is a flex workspace provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area, focused on providing clients with much more than just workstations and conference rooms. Organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to early stage startups leverage Werqwise spaces for engaging colleagues face-to-face using innovative technology solutions.


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Werqwise is a flex workspace provider focused on providing clients with spaces that are customizable, innovative, easy to use, and environmentally conscious – making Logitech the logical choice for its video collaboration technology.

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Customer adoption of their previous video collaboration platform was minimal due to complexity and the requirement to call Werqwise IT whenever they needed to initiate a meeting.  As a workspace innovator focused on simplicity and ease of use, this limitation impacted the Werqwise brand and reduced the value of their technology investments.

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Werqwise IT researched alternatives and selected Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms as the most reliable, affordable, and intuitive solution to deploy at scale. With Logitech Rally Bar. Rally Bar Mini, Logitech Scheduler, and Logitech Tap running the Zoom Rooms UI, users now simply pressed a single button to book a space and initiate a high quality video meeting. To share whiteboard content with remote participants, users leveraged the Logitech Scribe AI-Whiteboard camera, ensuring customers leveraged Werqise spaces as an extension of their hybrid work environments.

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Successful video meetings free from IT intervention increased dramatically with the deployment of Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms. Adoption rates of video in their meeting spaces increased 78% while the increased reliability of deploying Logitech video hardware enabled the Werqwise IT team to focus on higher priority projects.  “Logitech’s solutions enable one person to walk into a meeting room and instantly get on a call, securely and safely. Just like that — it instantly feels like it’s set up just for them, and that’s critical,” says CEO Alan Mackay.


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