Case Study: Rotterdam University Simplifies Hybrid Education

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Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) harbors 40.000+ students and about 4.000 employees. Through continuous interaction, the university shares knowledge, skill, and experience in corporate life, institutions, and the government.




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RUAS harbors 40.000+ students and about 4.000 employees. Education is closely connected to the metropolitan developments in Rotterdam and the surrounding areas. In a continuous interaction, the university shares knowledge, skill, and experience in corporate life, institutions, and the government.

Innovation plays a large part in RUAS' strategy. Learn Anywhere, the school’s collaboration solution for hybrid education, started as an experiment, and is now scaled across the entire educational institution. For RUAS, accessibility is key - one touch operation should power all.

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Hybrid teaching is here to stay. RUAS wants to head this development by innovating and experimenting. Moreover, the recent pandemic pressed the need for new collaboration technologies.

"The pandemic started fairly abruptly, and everyone felt the need to offer online lectures as soon as possible," says Anjo van Kelckhoven, IT Manager at RUAS. "After the first wave, several participants made the decision to attend classes remotely. We needed to quickly decide how to manage a hybrid classroom experience. One of our institutions was already running an experiment using Learn Anywhere. We immediately saw how it would benefit this new hybrid challenge."

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Learn Anywhere is a user-friendly and affordable collaboration solution that brings the student into the classroom, even if this is not possible in-person. The smart combination of projectors, whiteboards, and collaboration technology supports a natural way of teaching. Here, Logitech Tap functions as a central hub to easily operate all Learn Anywhere functionalities in an accessible way, while Logitech Scribe broadcasts whiteboard content into the video meetings so that remote participants can have an equal (or even better) seat at the table.  

The solution is quite user-friendly. The motion sensor registers activity and Tap is immediately ready to use, as soon as you walk into the classroom. Then, the class can start with one touch on the display.

“Accessibility was very important to us,” says Jan Groenendijk, IT Service Manager at RUAS. "The people operating the system are not technicians, but teachers and students. Learn Anywhere fits this need perfectly. People are immediately able to use it the minute they enter the classroom."

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Learn Anywhere has been in use for about six months and its reception has been positive: "The biggest advantage is that the experience for in-person students and online students is nearly equal," says Ralf Hillebrand, teacher of digital didactic and teacher trainer at RUAS. "The online participants are truly part of the lecture, unlike when they only use a webcam."

For six months, student Luco Wiltink has been taking lessons with Learn Anywhere. "I have to come all the way from Friesland, so occasionally I cannot come to school. With Learn Anywhere, I can still attend classes from home. There is a high sense of engagement. It almost feels as if you are truly present, because you can see the classroom and your peers as well."

"It's a great solution," says Jan Groenendijk. "Learn Anywhere lets teachers teach in the way they are used to - whether this constitutes online, hybrid, or traditional learning."


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