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Logitech and Herman Miller create distance learning classroom for Delta Air Lines' TechOps division.  




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Logitech and Herman Miller, a global provider of furnishings and related technologies and services, recently teamed up to create an advanced Distance Learning Classroom for Delta Air Lines TechOps division. The state-of-the-art video conferencing space enables Delta trainers and managers to engage face-to-face with employees, contractors, supply chain partners, and others anytime, anywhere.

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The Delta Air Lines TechOps division had begun delivering policy procedure compliance and other training programs with some basic video conferencing tools the team had cobbled together. Although the audio/video performance wasn’t great, the potential of video conferencing to advance their charter was obvious from the beginning. So, the team reached out for help to accomplish three key objectives: 1) identify, configure and install technology to substantially improve audio/video quality and ease of use, 2) design a purpose-built workspace to functionally support its trainers and other video conference users, and 3) deliver cost-efficient results that provides a strong ROI for the corporation.

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The Delta Air Lines team envisioned a Distance Learning Classroom capable of delivering video conferencing excellence compatible with Zoom, their video conferencing application of choice, in an environment designed for flexibility, productivity and comfort. The combination of Logitech and Herman Miller was ideally suited to make this vision a reality.

The resulting video conferencing facility features spaces for instructor-led engagement, Ted Talks, lectures with digital content, hands-on demonstrations, and a “warm up/cool down” area, each provisioned with Logitech video conferencing technology and furniture/interior design by Herman Miller.

The workspace co-created by Logitech and Herman Miller is based on a mutual belief that the key to achieving professional video meeting results is a combination of 1) matching the right equipment to the physical meeting space, 2) optimizing environmental factors such as lighting, furniture, and background, 3) placing and configuring the equipment within the designated space to produce the best possible meeting experience, and 4) providing cost efficiencies at every level of the total solution.

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From audio, video and computer technology to lighting, color and furniture comfort, each component of the Distance Learning Classroom supports consistently awesome video meetings. Lifelike sound is crisp, clear and highly intelligible. Cameras are positioned at optimal height, distance and viewing angles and HD displays are in proportion to each specific meeting space. Every piece of furniture supports back-to-back hours of efficient, comfortable use in an environment that provides a visual context that enhances the overall quality of the video meeting experience.

“Prior to the meeting space installed by Logitech and Herman Miller, I’d done training in closet rooms where I’d walk away with a sore back, stiff neck, and a two-day migraine with the equipment we had access to,” said Jerold Salzano, an instructor/developer at Delta Air Lines. “I’ve just been in front of the camera for about 30 hours with a campaign I’m orchestrating and nothing out of this experience has left me with any residual suffering whatsoever. By design it’s working great. I was previously in pain, and now I’m not. You’ve spoiled me. I want more.”


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